A Work in Progress


2018 has been a very exciting year !  

The Château began the year as a grande old madame who hadn't had much love since the 80's.  Her wiring was from the early 1900's, her wallpaper from the same period as well as the 1960's.  Her main entrée had broken, uneven tiles and her back hallway, which was added in the mid-1800's, had dirt floors and a moisture problem.  She had holes in her ceilings with old paint hanging down, which made her all the more charming.  She had only one way to make either hot water or heat, so her occupants had to choose between a warm shower and a less cold bedroom in the dead of winter (which lasted an unusually long eight months this year).   By June, the clouds began to lift.  By July, she could finally throw open her shutters, still covered in crumbling paint, and bask in the glory of the new summer sun. 

The summer brought glorious days to everyone in Siradan.  The Grande Madame was in great spirits as her previously neglected yards were lovingly turned into golf greens and her once empty halls began to resonate with the hum of new life being breathed into her.