Happy One Year Anniversary !


A Dream Begins to Fly

Today marks the one year anniversary since we set out on this journey ! In the last year, Château de Siradan has gotten a new septic system, phase I plumbing has been completed (with actual hot water!!) and electricity is new throughout the house.  

The back hallway has been gutted and new concrete poured, the Grande Entrée is back to her former glory and there are five bathrooms ready to be finished out.

A second kitchen/cafe was installed upstairs next to the terrace.  Many hours were spent removing old wallpaper, sanding and repainting the terrace railing and moving furniture from room to room so that the workers could access each space.  A record was set of 52 flights of stairs climbed in one day !

Many meals were eaten on the front lawn, deer ate most of the vegetables in the garden and sleeping in a different room each week became a game, and sometimes a necessity, for everyone.

Heading into another winter, hopefully less brutal than the last, we're so excited for where the next phase of our journey will take us.

In the coming year, the Château will get a swimming pool, 16 bathrooms, another kitchen and workspace,  new walls and ceilings,  new lighting, landscaping and lots and lots of love.  We promise to keep all of her 17th century quirky charm, while adding some modern-day conveniences that will make everyone's life easier.

When the contractors finish spiffing up her bones, the fun part begins - decorating this beauty !  Each of her 16 bedrooms will boast old world charm mixed with finds from all over France.  Each will be designed to inspire and delight as well as lull you to sleep well through the night.  We're looking forward to sharing our adventure with you !

Chateau de Siradan